Richard Zahn

Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Developer

Richard Zahn was in the United States military, then served in the 24th Psyops Airborne CO. Special Operations Command. He graduated from multiple specialized programs to learn new ways to serve his country and along the way he garnered himself a multitude of high commendations. Richard then started his career as a CEO for an esteemed construction company over the next 15 years after leaving the military in 1997. Over that time, he completed  side projects and worked to increase his knowledge in construction. Richard also became a licensed FAA pilot after attending Delta Comair Aviation Academy. He then went on to attend the University of Notre Dame, where he earned a business degree in 2012. With the information he acquired in University, Richard then began to invest in a small number of budding property development companies. While Mr. Zahn’s professional career is important to him, he puts even more stock in his hobbies. He claims that while a well-rounded professional career can help an individual in achieving success, it is a healthy set of hobbies that assists a person achieve self-actualization. As a caring husband,  father, and grandfather, Richard is also constantly spending quality time with his family.

Professional Credentials

Areas of Interest

  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship

Specialized Training

  • Advanced Sniper Operations Course with the FBI

  • Federal Law Enforcement Air Marshal Course

  • JFK Special Warfare School and College

  • Certified SWAT operator

Professional Experience

  • Chairman, Prospect Real Estate Group
  • Chairman, BCC Construction

Connect with Richard Zahn

If you would like to learn more about multifamily construction, you can get in touch with Richard by using the form located on the contact page. Mr. Zahn is always open to any networking and business opportunities offered by like minded individuals. If you would like to hear more about Richard Zahn’s opinions and experience in multifamily construction, you can follow his social media for tips and information.


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